What ARE the rules of Unicursal Mazes?

Certainly, one can not start at a legitimate starting point, randomly traverse in any of the four directions (up, down, left right) and expect to naturally go through all of the other points only once before reaching the end point. Do not take the prior statement as fact; Conduct that experiment for yourself. Using only random guidance will lead the explorer to the likelihood of a dead end.

Therefore, rules in the form of instructions must exist for traversing an Unicursal Maze. However, what are they? How many of them are there? And how should they be ordered? All of these questions are legitimate and there are no perfect answers to any of them.

When attempting to find all of the rules to traversing an Unicursal Maze, how should one look for them? Where do the rules even begin? Storytellers have always groused about when to begin a story. Any story has prior events that are not told from within the story itself. Either these events that occur before the story begins are briefly referenced or they are just "assumed" by the ones reading or watching the story.

For instance, there could be a story where a person walks into a store. The story does not give a detailed history of the store or how the store came to be. The story does not give a detailed history of the storekeeper. Yet the reader or watcher understands full well that the store exists and that the storekeeper exists. A detailed history of the store or storekeeper is unnecessary.

There are also incidents where a story briefly references a past event that is not shown in the story itself. A story may begin with a person who has their leg in a cast as a result of an accident. The accident is mentioned in the story but is never seen. It is just assumed that the accident happened.

In Unicursal Mazes, "rules" may be divided into two categories:

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