Exhibit #2

Loops of the
04x05 Determined Field

The following exhibit displays all of the different loops of the 04x05 determined field.

Determined Maze

The name of this loop is 0405-000-323-L (The "L" stands for "Loop"). As with all of these loops, this is the first instance of this loop in the entire 04x05 determined field. I always thought that it resembled a space alien (or a stool) but, of course, that's just me. I'm sure you see something different when you see that shape.

Predetermined Maze

0405-000-3223-L looks like a backwards "G," doesn't it? Or maybe a backwards "6," perhaps?

Diagonal Maze

I've always thought of 0405-000-3224-L as a chair or a table.

Looped Maze

0405-000-333111-L kind of resembles the letter "n" or a classical U-shaped magnet.

Obstructed Maze

Finally, how can anyone see anything other than the capital letter "H" from 0405-000-333112-L? I guess that's what makes us all special -- That we all see something different. Still, it's hard to see anything else... Perhaps a really narrow track-and-field hurdle?

And so concludes this exhibit on all of the different looped shapes of the 04x05 determined field here at Unicursal Maze Research. You are free to continue to examine the offerings here at your leisure or travel elsewhere on the website. Thank you for taking the time to view this exhibit.